What is the average earnings of a roadbook?

RockingTrip is a site that allows travellers to submit their custom travel requests to travel writers (the roadbookers) who will be able to write them a roadbook of tips for their trip.

This roadbook is 100% private and completely custom made. In order to remunerate the writer’s work, the traveller will make a price offer for the amount of the roadbook he wants, the writers are then free to accept it or not.

There is therefore no average remuneration, only those for which you accept to make a roadbook. As a roadbooker (editor) you are the only one in control of your average remuneration.

How long does it take to receive payment for my writing services?

After final validation of the roadbook and its delivery to the traveller, the maximum period is two months for a non-premium editor and two weeks for a premium editor.

How can I be sure to get paid?

Any RoadBook request made by a traveller is accompanied by payment for the RoadBook. During the selection phase, you only have to propose a summary of your offer (in short, explain what can differentiate your proposal from other proposals).

Then, if you are selected, you will write the entire roadbook according to the proposal made, and you are guaranteed to be paid. “Every job deserves a salary” is how we see the relationship between travellers and roadbookers.

From the initial request to its payment after validation, we keep the money to guarantee that you will be paid for the work done.

Can I receive my payments without a Stripe account?

We are currently working with Stripe because it is the best system at the moment, you just need to create a Stripe account so that we can make a secure transfer of your earnings.

There are no plans to use any other system at the moment, as Stripe is one of the few solutions available in almost every country in the world.