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When should you travel to Norway?


Norway in summer is the perfect time for hiking and sporting activities. You can also enjoy all the nature with very pleasant weather conditions. A large number of treks are possible for all levels, allowing you to discover the natural parks and fjords. Winter in Norway is the season for the Northern Lights, skiing, and sled dogs. The country is full of magnificent downhill ski resorts (over 200) offering varied landscapes and experiences. The must-do is “sail to ski”, which involves sailing along the coast of northern Norway and being dropped off at a different place each day for ski touring.

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The fjords of Norway


A fjord is a valley that has been eroded by a glacier over a long period and invaded by the sea. Norway is the land of fjords, some of which are even listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are many ways to discover them, whether by car or camper van, or even by boat;


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A roadtrip in Norway


Norway is a great place for a roadtrip, whether by motorhome or car. In 10 to 15 days, you can discover the country and see its best features. To do this, you’ll need to do a bit of preparation, defining the stages, the places to see and the places to sleep. It’s quite easy to hire a car or camper van on the spot, if you make arrangements in advance.  



Safe camping in Norway, all our advice


Whether you’re camping in the wild or in a more traditional setting, there are rules to follow to avoid a bad holiday. Norway has specific regulations to protect its citizens and its natural areas.

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A beautiful view of the Norwegian fjords from the “échappées belles” programme on YouTube :