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Our roadbooks are the fruit of human labor, meaning that each one is unique in content and advice. However, to guide our roadbookers (those sharing advice with you), we have implemented several elements to ensure you can easily use a roadbook..


Our roadbooks are PDF files

  We chose this format to allow you to print them or copy them to your smartphone so you can access them easily even without an internet connection. Having internet access while traveling is not always easy, and we have taken this into account..

Our roadbooks contain a table of contents

  Depending on your request, a roadbook can become a “little book”. To avoid having to search throughout the roadbook every time for the information you need, we have thought of you and included a table of contents listing all the roadbook elements with page numbering for quick access. If you’re consulting your roadbook digitally, each line of the table of contents is a direct link to the sought content..

The main content: advice from your roadbooker

  Your roadbooker has a free text area where they can write all the advice they want to share with you. Depending on your request and the individual roadbooker, this text can be quite long and is not limited. It’s also your “goldmine” of advice for your trip, happy reading!.

Accommodations, activities, local contacts

  We have encouraged roadbookers to offer their insider tips, and to facilitate this, each piece of advice is transformed into an easily accessible card within your roadbook. Each roadbooker has a private database in their RockingTrip account where they can enter all the elements they want to share. These are the elements you will find in your roadbook. We also promote the sharing of human contacts (people the roadbooker advises you to meet according to your request) on-site (paid or volunteers), do not hesitate to ask your roadbooker about this..

Booking accommodations/hotels/transport

  We do not offer this type of service on RockingTrip, for this, you need to be independent, however, you can ask your roadbooker for help. They are free to provide you with booking links (with or without their affiliate code, we take no commission on these matters). .

Important Points

  Each request for advice is unique and private, and the quality of your roadbooker’s response will also depend on your exchanges with them in our internal messaging system. If what is proposed by your roadbooker does not meet your expectations and you have chosen one of our offers including our help, do not hesitate to contact us..

An example of a roadbook

  Here is an example roadbook based on a travel request to Norway, in the Lofotens, to discover the Northern Lights (the request was in french):  

Download a Roadbook example