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Respond to travel requests in areas you know well. To do this, you will have the needs and desires of the travellers and the amount they have chosen for the writing of their roadbook.

You write a summary visible to the traveller, to allow him to choose your proposal.

The goal is to make them want without revealing everything. Don’t say too much, but a little bit anyway!

When you’re selected, you just have to fill in the details of your road-book , depending on the summary and the traveler’s request.

Detail the contacts and experiences that will make his trip unique. All the information you put on RockingTrip will remain accessible only to you. RockingTrip will allow you to build a private database on places and contacts you know well, avoiding you to enter information from one road-book to another.

Be magical in your proposals, and become a premium writer faster.

Once the trip has been validated by the traveler, you receive your payment directly.

Participate in other requests to increase your income.

Become a premium writer to receive the best road book requests and get paid faster.


Start transmitting happiness


Our concept


A trip that we do not forget is the result of many things: the place, the activities and the meetings.

For that we designed RockingTrip allowing you to become the magician giving life to the dreams of our travelers by writing them the most beautiful road-book: with the places not to be missed, the activities to do , and especially the people to meet.

We invite you to share your best plans and contacts that will make the trip unique.

Of course, your contacts and information will be visible to the traveler (and only him) after selection and payment of your road-book, if it is retained.

Everything happens in a completely secure and private way, and you are guaranteed to be paid as the traveler pays in advance for his road book request.

Start transmitting happiness