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The team of RockingTrip is composed of people from the tourism world and other travel enthusiasts. We started from an observation, if places are important in the success of a trip, human contact is just as important. That’s why our road-books contain advice and contacts, to make each trip unique, personalized and unforgettable.

RockingTrip it is also the possibility for enthusiasts or travel professionals to live their passion by sharing all their experiences in a very personalized way. Our aim is not to always solicit the same contacts, because the pleasure of exchanging must remain intact, but to discover a place with people you do not always meet during a trip.

For example :

A person who is passionate about gemology will be very happy to have contacts in this field during a trip to Sri Lanka.

Presentation of the team

Aurélien S.
Expert – Co-founder
Tourism professional

Régis C.
CEO – Co-founder
Expert in digital marketing

Samuel D.
CTO – Co-founder
Full stack developer

Julien P.

Mickaël F.