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A bespoke journey with personalised advice also requires a pricing tailored to each request. This is what we offer at RockingTrip. For each travel request, we estimate as best as possible in relation to your budget, the duration of the trip, and other parameters the expected remuneration for our roadbookers (people who know perfectly the places you wish to travel to).


We have chosen to make 3 offers:
  • A community and free * offer,
  • An offer with a selection of our best writers as well as support from RockingTrip, this offer starts at 30 euros,
  • And finally, an offer that also includes a concierge service throughout the duration of your trip as well as the “satisfied or refunded” guarantee.

👉 For example, for a 4-day trip to Rome for two people with a budget of 800 euros, we assess the cost of advice in this way:

Our Offers - Bespoke Travel with RockingTrip


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  * We have left the opportunity for the community to freely share advice with travellers, but this time entirely autonomously and without any help from the RockingTrip team and without any guarantee that one or more roadbookers will want to share advice for free with you.