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Frequently Asked Questions for Travelers

Here you will find all the answers to your questions for travelers using RockingTrip. Have a look at the ones you are interested in, and if you do not find the answer, send an online support request.

How long does the search for a writer take before final validation by the traveller?

By default, the search for a good writer is set to 15 days after the traveller opens the application. This deadline may change in the future.

What is the format of the road-book provided by RockingTrip?

The format used is PDF, as it will allow you to print it out or put it on your smartphone for easy viewing during your trip – with or without an Internet connection.

Why do I have to pay for my roadbook order right away?

The payment of the money ensures that the writer(s) will be paid for their work. This money does not go to the RockingTrip account but to the escrow account of our financial partner Stripe. Once the Road-Book has been validated by the traveller, this money is transferred in two ways, the major part for the writer(s) and a small part for RockingTrip’s operating costs.

What happens if I can’t find a writer?

After a double reminder to the writers present in the area, and if no road-book proposal is submitted to you, your request will be automatically cancelled. In this case, you will be re-credited with your payment, less RockingTrip’s operating costs.

What are the operating costs of RockingTrip?

The operating costs are 20% of the total amount of the road-books.

I’m a traveller and I’ve just ordered a road-book, but I’d also like to become a writer, is that possible?

Yes! There is only one account on RockingTrip, you can in turn become a writer for another traveller.

Does RockingTrip offer travel insurance? (cancellation, repatriation assistance, etc…)

We do not offer insurance, because our service is to help you create your dream trip by giving you the best advice from the writers (roadbookers) of the areas you visit.

The roadbook that is provided to you lists proposals, and advice about places, accommodations, or people to meet.

As a traveller, you are completely free to follow this advice or not. Moreover, our service is aimed at independent travellers, we do not sell flights or reservations.

Haven’t found the answer to your question? Go to the support and get answers from our team!

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