Precautions to be taken

RockingTrip allows you to experience a unique and personalized travel experience by getting off the beaten track and meeting people just as unique, who will make your trip unforgettable.

Nevertheless, we have summarized for you some essential precautions, so that your trip can be really successful!

Before the trip

Choose your writer carefully and take the time to discuss with him/her the specific requests of your dream trip.

In case of doubt, or if the editor offers you inappropriate offers (soliciting, commercial offers, unsuitable…), do not hesitate to let us know: it is with the help of the community that we manage to keep a quality service by eliminating « fake » profiles.

Find out about the local climate, mandatory or recommended vaccinations, and if necessary, health precautions to be observed (e.g. access to drinking water). You will generally find this information on the website of your country’s Embassy in the country concerned.

Feel free to ask about local practices, this will be all the more appreciated by the locals and by the contacts you will meet : the opportunity to make your RockingTrip an even more unique and personalized trip!

During the trip

When you arrive on site, you must have all the information you need to make your trip pleasant and safe, but here are some general principles to follow when travelling abroad, whatever the country:

Safety and security

Avoid pushing your luck: don’t wear jewellery or flashy clothes, and always leave with just the amount of cash you need to avoid tempting thieves or pickpockets.

Uses and habits

Respect local customs as much as possible, and the people you meet. Ask permission before taking pictures, be polite and courteous: people will naturally tend to help you and this can prevent you from finding yourself in embarrassing situations.

Meeting of locals

When you make an appointment with a contact recommended by your writer, we recommend that you organize this meeting preferably in public and busy places. If you have any doubts about any of the suggested contacts, you are under no obligation to meet with that contact or follow their recommendations. If unfortunately this should be the case during your trip, immediately report the the suspicious contact to theRockingTrip team, so that we can take the necessary measures to disable this contact with other travellers.

After the trip

You have returned from a wonderful trip that has literally amazed you and you are already dreaming of your next RockingTrip ! Leave an opinion describing the quality of your editor’s advice and human contacts, their adequacy to your requests. Be objective and give as many details as possible.

In this way, you contribute to making RockingTrip more reliable for future travellers, by valuing the work of quality writers. In return, you benefit from the experience of previous travellers by choosing a well-rated writer with premium status.

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