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For travellers

  • Be specific in your request. The more precise your request is, the more likely you are to have a road-book that is perfectly in line with your expectations.
  • Be responsive to writers’ requests. In the writer selection phase you will be asked to have more details on your expectations by the writers, be responsive and proactive this will help the writers.

For writers

  • Feel free to ask travellers for more information. An active writer is more likely to be chosen by a traveller.
  • A road-book must include information about places to visit, places to stay, local entertainment, but above all human contacts to meet on site. These contacts can be acquaintances, friends or professionals (paid or free), but you must know them and inform them of the arrival of a traveller on your part.
  • One human contact per road-book is often enough to add magic to a trip.
  • Become this magician who transforms a trip into an unforgettable moment for travellers.