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I chose RockingTrip for my trip to Bali because I didn’t want to discover this island only from a tourist point of view. I wanted to discover the inhabitants, their way of life and their beliefs. RockingTrip allowed me to discover places with few tourists and yet full of meaning. Leaving with people to meet on the spot to exchange without necessarily a commercial goal was a real plus, because I was able to attend important moments in the life of the Balinese without being the tourist passing through, but rather the guest of the family that we receive. The roadbook created by three different editors was an opportunity to approach Bali from three very different angles, it was wonderful.” Jean-Paul V. – Nancy – France

“Passionate about paragliding, I had a dream: to paraglide in the best conditions in Death Valley, USA. Not knowing anyone there despite my network of friends, I had resigned myself to not thinking about it anymore. Then I discovered RockingTrip and its network around the world. I launched my request without really believing in it and I was surprised to receive several proposals of Roadbook on this subject. Once I had chosen the two most relevant writers for the two areas I wanted to go to, I could benefit from their network on the spot to make my dream come true in the best conditions. I didn’t need anyone to book my accommodation or my plane tickets, but making my dream come true with passionate people was just magical, thank you RockingTrip.” Mike J. – London – UK

“Last year I wanted to do a family trip that was out of the ordinary, but I didn’t have the time to search all the travel forums for the best ideas. I knew what country I wanted to go to: Kenya, but I had no contacts there which was a hindrance to the departure for such a big trip. I used RockingTrip to discover the best ideas, exchanged with the three editors of my trip to get the best advice for my expectations, I booked the tickets and hotels and we left with my family for 3 weeks. Every week was wonderful, as I was able to make my children’s and my husband’s dreams come true, without RockingTrip’s help we would have had an organized trip at best, but here everything was tailor made.” Marie – Paris – France

“I am used to traveling without constraints by booking my own plane tickets and choosing my accommodations or restaurants at the last minute. I’m used to booking my own plane tickets and choosing my accommodations and restaurants at the last minute. I might as well say that I know this type of travel well, and yet I was pleasantly surprised with RockingTrip, because the advice I received was a perfect complement to what I’m used to doing. Having real human contacts on site who are not just there to make money, but really as friends of friends, is a real plus and great memories.” Pablo H. – Barcelona – Spain

“I discovered RockingTrip through a friend who loved her trip and in particular the people she met. I decided to give it a try, I found the site very easy to use, I was able to express everything I was looking for and I chose quite quickly the 4 editors of the 4 areas I wanted to discover. Once on site I had a great pleasure to meet the contacts provided by the editors, apart from the fabulous landscapes of Patagonia, the human encounters are the most beautiful memories of my trip.” Madison B. – Liverpool – UK

I have wanted to go and discover Iceland’s volcanoes with a real volcanologist for a very long time, but unfortunately it was impossible to find this person through my network and my shyness has always been a block to realise this dream. I also looked at organised trips, but I don’t like this kind of travel where everything is fixed on a minute-by-minute schedule. RockingTrip was the solution, I was able to describe precisely what I wanted from my trip, take the time to select the most relevant editors, exchange with them and finally go on an adventure with my son. The trip was as intimate as it was powerful and the meeting with the editors’ contacts unforgettable.” Olaf J. – Berlin – Germany