I would like to write roadbooks in French/Spanish or any other language.

The website is in 3 languages (French/English/Spanish), and you can write the roadbook in the language you want. To do so, you just have to add the languages in which you can write roadbooks in your writer profile.

If travellers request a roadbook in a language you have indicated, and on an area you have indicated, you will then be asked to send a proposal for this request.

About ten languages are currently available. We will add more in the future.

I’m an writer and I’ve just written a road-book, and I would also like to be able to use RockingTrip on my next trip, is that possible?

Yes! There is only one account on RockingTrip, your writer account also allows you to submit road-book requests to go on a trip.

How does this work from a legal and fiscal point of view for the writer?

As a writer, you must ensure that you comply with the laws of your country from both a legal and tax point of view.

Here’s how to create your invoice:

RockingTrip SAS
12 avenue du Château

SAS with capital of 1000 Euros
SIREN : 821 746 658 RCS Lyon
SIRET : 82174665800029
Intracommunity VAT: FR21821746658
Siret : 82174665800029

For more legal information: Legal information about RockingTrip on Pappers

What are the advantages of becoming a premium roadbooker?

Roadbooker premium status allows you to get paid for your services more quickly and to get extra visibility on the best travel requests. This is a possibility to earn more money with higher quality road-books.

How do I become a premium roadbooker (writer)?

To become a premium roadbooker (writer), you must have written 5 roadbooks that have been fully validated by travellers with a minimum rating of 4.5/5.

Once the PDF has been created, is there any support to be provided during the trip?

As a roadbooker ( writer ), your job ends with the delivery of the PDF rodbook, containing the full description of the trip. You have no support to provide during the trip.

As we know that some travellers will want on-site assistance during their trip, we have set up a 24-hour travel assistance service. This is an additional service that will be offered to travellers as an option and does not affect your editorial work or your earnings.

To activate my Stripe account, I need to fill in company details, which I don’t have.

The opening of an account on Stripe effectively requires, for its activation, to show that you can receive payments legally. However, it is not necessary to make this activation right now.

You can just start to write roadbooks and then request a transfer to your Stripe account later, once you have reached the minimum amount you have set yourself.

This can happen as soon as you think the amount is large enough, which will then justify the creation of a tax status.

If several travellers request almost the same offer, is it possible to send the same roadbook to different people?

We invite you to offer a quality service by responding in a very individual way to the travel requests that will be submitted to you. This is also what will make the difference with other roadbookers in your area. Of course, for each similar roadbook request you don’t have to rewrite everything, but it won’t happen often.

On the other hand, as a roadbooker ( writer ) you have a private database on RockingTrip. All the places, activities, accommodations that you enter… are saved in a 100% private database specific to each roadbooker and not shared between roadbookers.

This means that as more and more roadbooks are written, writing roadbooks will be easier and faster because you will be able to reuse elements from your previous roadbooks.

Can I write roadbooks only on the locations I know?

We do indeed ask writers to be familiar with the area they are going to write about. Knowing the areas you are writing about allows you to offer a quality service to our travellers and to stand out from other roadbookers.

You can add several locations to your profile. It’s now time to show your expertise!

Is there really a market ready to pay for advice that they can get for free online and in travel guides?

This is what we think, based on the experience of our associates specialized in tourism who often have to respond to this type of demand.

Our service is aimed at people who do not find the right advice on forums or guides, or who do not have the time to create their own roadbook, and who want to have totally customised advice end experiences.